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Cave Stream + Devil’s Punchbowl

The day started at Masjid Al-Nur at 8.30am. Once everyone had arrived and was ready to go, Tanzeel gave an introduction to the group, outlined the plan for the day and performed a head count. We split into two vans and made our way to Arthur’s pass.

After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at the Devil’s punchbowl car park, got our gear ready and started the 30 min walk. We reached the viewing platform and took in the magnificent view with our eyes and camera phones. Those who felt confident followed Hesham and Tanzeel up the path closer to the punchbowl. We couldn’t get all the way there due to the ice cold wind and spray, but the boys were amazed and awe struck by the power of the waterfall.

Devil’s Punchbowl viewing platform
Closer to the Punchbowl

We made our way back down to the car park, with lots of chatter between groups of youth and headed back to Castle Hill. Upon arrival, Tyla and Tanzeel fired up the BBQ trailer while an impromptu game of touch started. Some didn’t know how to play, so Hesham and Abdi taught them how. Others took the chance to have a nap in the beautiful sunshine.

After lunch (and some shut eye), we were ready to tackle the main event. Tyla gave everyone a health and safety talk, ensuring everyone had appropriate clothing and a torch. We made our way down to the mouth of the cave, at which there was a collective gasp of surprise from the group. It was a pretty unique sight, and to think we were going in there… After some hesitancy from some unnamed older men of the group, we hiked up our shirts, lifted our bags over our heads and made our way into the chest deep water.

At the entrance of the cave
Making our way into the water

The walk through the cave was full of chatter, laughter and a splattering of feminine screams as everyone tried to scare each other. At one point, during a safe part of the cave, Tyla got everyone to turn their torches off to enjoy the pitch black darkness punctuated by the dripping of resounding water. That didn’t last long as some of the unnamed older men insisted on turning their torches back on.

About 40 minutes in, there was a cry of relief as the front of the pack saw rays of sunlight in the distance. We climbed up the ladder, shimmied past the narrow opening and out into the sun. We had conquered the cave!

Ablutions in the stream
Tyla cooling off

After some high fives and pats on the back, we performed ablution in the stream and made our way back to the car park. We performed our Dhuhr & Asr prayer together and headed back to Christchurch to finish off the day with some peri-peri delicious Nando’s chicken.

Last photo of the day



There was an average turnout of 17 people. Numbers are lower when driving out of Christchurch and there was also a conflicting event in Tekapo which most of our regular youth had already committed to.

Social Interaction

The program allowed for many opportunities to interact. We observed a lot of social interaction between existing friends as well as new acquaintances. 


One of the aims of this event was to provide an adventurous experience which the youth hadn’t experienced before. Most of the group had not been to Cave stream before and enjoyed the experience.

All in all, we feel that our vision of “Strengthening the bonds of brotherhood” was achieved for the attendees of this event.


This event would not have been successful without the assistance of:

  1. Christchurch City Council
    1. The funds provided through the Community Activation fund allowed us to organise this trip.
  2. Bluelight Canterbury
    1. Provided a 10 seater van, which was helpful in transporting the attendees from the mosque and back.
  3. Purapura Whetu
    1. Provided a 10 seater van, which was helpful in transporting the attendees from the mosque and back.