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Keen to help out?

Whatever your skills, whether it’s hand on energy, ideas, donations or more, the Nawawi Center is always looking for new helpers!

There are three main ways to help us:

Spread the Word

Support our work through marketing, word of mouth, attending our events and community connections. We are always on the look out for cool ideas, new connections and a fresh perspective!

Financial Contributions

We depend on private donations and funding to keep up our good work and make our events more accessible. Donations can be sent to Nawawi Center’s bank account:

Nawawi Center

Please use the reference “DONATION” and the name of the project (if applicable).

Volunteer With Us!

Casual Volunteer: An ‘on-call’ helper who want to volunteer for specific events. We may call on you to join a sub-committee for when we need extra hands for busier programs or events!

Team Member: A close, well trained, skilled and committed team is key to the Nawawi Center’s success. Being a team member requires more commitment, responsiblity and team work. But it’s so much more rewarding! A team member usually has specific skills (such as accounting, logistics planning, IT, design, photography etc) and must be able to work effectively with the rest of the team. We value the dynamics of our team so new team members must be unanimously voted in. Once part of our team, you will reap the benefits of training, team perks and friends for life. Plus, being part of our team is great for your CV!

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