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Ready for Ramadan

Register Now Join us in our 5 week programme with Ustadh Ali Idris and Ustadha Chloe Idris and revise the basics of 'Purification, Prayer, and Fasting' and reinvigorate your Ibadah for Ramadan! Lunch and social activities after the class. LIMITED SPACES. REGISTRATION REQUIRED! NOTE: Parents can bring their infants only if they are under 1 years [...]

Arabic Language Day

Arabic is the world’s sixth most widely-spoken language, with more than 420 million speakers around the Arab world alone. It is the language of the Quran, and rituals for over a billion Muslims worldwide. In 1973, the United Nation adopted Arabic as its sixth official language. In celebration of that day, Nawawi Center partnered with […]

Cave Stream + Devil’s Punchbowl

The day started at Masjid Al-Nur at 8.30am. Once everyone had arrived and was ready to go, Tanzeel gave an introduction to the group, outlined the plan for the day and performed a head count. We split into two vans and made our way to Arthur’s pass. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived at […]

Connecting Hearts to the Next Level

Nawawi Center is a Muslim grassroots registered charity founded in 2008 that develops and provides programmes to nurture confident, balanced youth with a strong rooted New Zealand Muslim Identity. These programmes intertwine spirituality, education, culture, mental health and society and are provided in safe, caring, and positive environments for youth. Over the years, we have run events and projects ranging from educational workshops, camps and retreats to community festivals.

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Est. 2010 | Children aged 5-12

Nūrāniyyah Academy

Building a strong Islamic foundation for young children.

Est. 2017 | Girls aged 13-30

Hawwā Girls

A support network for girls as they discover what it means to be Muslim New Zealanders. A program for the girls, by the girls.

Est. 2019 | Boys aged 13-30

Bani Adam

A boys youth group and support network aimed at strengthening the bond of brotherhood within the Muslim community.

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