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“Beautiful Hearts” – Hawwā Girls Camp 2020


The Hawwā Girls Camp 2020 was the second annual Camp organised by Hawwā Girls. It was held at the Cracroft Guiding Centre in Cashmere, Christchurch. There were a total of 54 participants. This camp allowed for a opportunities to interact, build long-lasting friendships and connections with local Muslim Christchurch girls, which was much needed post March 15th. It also allowed the Hawwā Youth Leaders to build a rapport with the girls. We had invited two Clinical Psychologists to be our guest speakers, as our theme ‘Beautiful Hearts’ was focused on Mental Wellbeing. The main focus was for the girls to go away with an understanding of diffusion and acceptance, with practical cognitive ways of incorporating that into their lives, especially when engaging with negative and critical thoughts. They also spoke about setting goals. The workshops were heavily practical and focused on positive thought changing processes. 

Note: To respect the girls’ privacy, we can’t post many pictures. Sorry!

When: Friday January 17th – Monday 20th, 2020
Who: Muslim Girls aged 15 – 35 years old
Fees: $80 (overnight attendees) / $50 (day attendees)

Are you ready for another Hawwā Girls Camp? We‘ve had a whole year to plan a bigger, better camp for you this year so get ready for a fun-packed experience of a lifetime!

Merch Merch Merch!

Last year, our merch was super popular so we’ve surveyed our Hawwā girls and upgraded our welcome packs. A special gift for all our attendees this year is your own copy of the newly released book “All Of This Is For You” by Ruby Jones. Yes, the same NZ artist who graced TIME magazine and is famous for her illustration of the two women embracing after March 15th. Her message about kindness and love is perfect for our theme is year!

“Beautiful Hearts”

Speaking of our theme… this year it’s “Beautiful Hearts”. Our sessions will focus on loving your own beautiful heart and each others’ beautiful hearts. We are all about how what’s inside is the most beautiful and important part of us young Muslim women! Our discussions will be around emphasizing kindness, love and supporting each other.


We’re bringing back last year’s hit activity: the DeenQuest! Nawawi Center’s signature amazing-race-type game will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually! This year’s version will be an even bigger challenge, that’s for sure, so bring your best game!

Without giving too much away, this year’s camp also feature a variety of other games and activities, like Capture the Flag, Relay Races, Wearable Arts and water fights! You’ll also get to be part of our Team Building activities that will get everyone on their feet and making new friends!

Food Galore!

The most positive feedback from last year’s camp was around the FOOD! This year we’ve again invited the Dunedin-famous Aunty Zarghona to bless us with her delicious cooking. There will also be desserts from Juliana’s kitchen, a sausage sizzle and a baking competition. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

Our Presenters

Last but not least, we’re preparing some great sessions for you with speakers all the way from the North Island! Join clinical psychologists Zeenah Adam and Aamina Ali as they discuss our theme “Beautiful Hearts” with us. Plus, Wellington-based Aunty Leila Adam will be joining us to provide some Islamic perspectives. We’re so lucky to have them come and share their knowledge with us alhamdulillah!

So if you’re ready (like we are) then sign up NOW to join us Hawwā Girls for our annual camp in Christchurch. It’s an experience like no other!