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Bani Adam Launch

This Saturday Oct 5th, Nawawi Center is launching it’s latest initiative: Bani Adam – a boys youth with a long term plan for strengthening the bonds of brotherhood in Christchurch through fun social events and Islamic mentorship. Our launch event is a private movie screening (ages 13-30) with popcorn and snacks where we will share what we have planned for the rest of the year.


Bani Adam has officially launched! As each of our 70 attendees checked in and grabbed a drink, popcorn and a choc top, we were setting up the presentation to show them what we’re all about. The fiery graphic (which lasted 2 seconds, but took over two hours to make) was met with oohs and aahs, setting the tone for the impact we want to make on our Muslim youth. Once we had gone through our vision and plan for the next 12 months and encouraged everyone to sign up, the lights dimmed and the opening credits rolled as we dug in for the next 2 hours of over the top action, cheesy one liners and cringe worthy smouldering from the cast of Hobbs and Shaw.

Everyone had a good time and established a shared memory of having a whole cinema to ourselves to laugh as loud as we wanted and shout at the actors on the screen with no judgement from other movie goers. After the movie ended, everyone hung around outside not wanting to go home yet. There was an air of excitement and brotherhood as numerous attendees thanked the Bani Adam organisers and expressed their anticipation for future events.

Can’t wait for the next event to build on this momentem! Check out some pics of the event below.