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AME Youth Update

Salaam everyone, it’s been awhile since the last update!

The AME youth have been doing a lot of educational but fun activities during their Saturday classes. They have gained Islamic knowledge on different topics in Islam and also participated in various team building activities like the 3 day Nisa camp for the girls, and MegaAir for the boys, which allowed them to bond as a group.

Vodafone Visit

The AME youth were given the opportunity to visit Vodafone where they gained some knowledge on the Vodafone New Zealand Graduate Programme and also tried cool new technology like the drone and virtual reality.

Depending on the weather, a few of the AME boys have been coaching younger kids football after their Saturday class. Occasionally the mothers and daughters attend a Tafseer class taught by Sister Salwa which focuses on women in Islam.

Clip ‘n Climb Farewell

About a month ago, the AME boys held a farewell party at Clip ‘n Climb for one of the AME boys who moved to another country.


Coming up in October:

Calling those who are interested in learning calligraphy!

In the school holidays, there will be 2 classes focusing on the art of calligraphy! It’s open to anyone who’s interested. So please confirm by Wednesday the 4tth of October so that we can advise Br Tahfiz accordingly.

Date: 7th and 14th of October

Time: 2:00pm- 3:45pm

Place: Upper Riccarton Library

Limited to 15 participants only!

What to bring to the workshop?

– A calligraphy pen (size: 4.0/3.0)
-A4 white papers

How to register?

Email your name to [email protected]

Upcoming Picnic

There will also be a family picnic during Labour day weekend. Details coming soon!