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“Feel the Fitra” – Bani Adam Boys Camp 2020

Bani Adam has successfully held the first ever large scale Muslim Male youth camp in Canterbury. Previously, canterburians would have to travel to Dunedin or Auckland to attend a similar camp. It was an important milestone, as it signified the recovery of Christchurch post March, and the importance of youth in the future of Aotearoa.

This 4 day camp was held at YMCA Wainui. Attendees were able to experience instructor-led activities such as archery, kayaking and a giant swing, as well as original challenges such as Deenquest (amazing-race style treasure hunt) and creative skits. We also got a visit from All Black Ofa Tu’ungafasi.

More than 53 young men attended and formed a strong bonds with each other and the youth leaders. All attendees were asked to rate their experience which averaged 4.8/5.

The camp attracted several attendees from outside Christchurch, which was a highlight for many, who had not met Muslim youth from other NZ cities.

Check out some pictures below!