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Supporting Teens: A Workshop

Thank you for your support after our last post! Many of our parents appreciated the insight into our programs and now, they want to know more about how they can support their teenagers from home.

What our young ones experience outside, with friends and in the community is important, but what they experience at home is even more important!

That’s why we got together with our friends at the NZ Muslims Psychologists Collective, and along with the support of CDHB, and the help of a trained Islamic scholar, we are bringing you a workshop on “Supporting Teens”.

This workshop is for parents (and young adults) who are supporting teenagers as they work through the difficult emotions, differing experiences and reactions to grief in post-March Christchurch. This is an opportunity for you to:

  • discuss how to support your teenagers post-March in a NZ Muslim context
  • explore Islamic perspectives on dealing with grief, loss and supporting children
  • learn from other parents’ experiences
  • better understand the Nawawi Center’s work with youth

Running parallel to the parents workshop is a group session for high-school aged boys and girls. In separate sessions, young ones will participate in an interactive group therapy session with trained psychologists. Lunch and games will be provided after!