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Let’s talk about it.

It’s beautiful, safe and stable.

But on some days, for some of us, New Zealand can feel like none of these things.

New Zealand has the highest suicide rates among young people in the world according to a new UNICEF report. And it is not the first time it has topped the list either.

It’s a tough question to ask but one that we must face. Why?

There are many reasons.

But one thing is for sure. No matter how incredible and beautiful a country we build together, the hearts and minds of our young people matter.

Bullying in school. Social media and over exposure to technology. Lack of real social connection. This and more are all proven contributors.

Our solution is to provide Christchurch with a unique camp for muslim girls that did more than the usual get together. The “let’s have some fun and learn a few things.”

We wanted to dig deeper.

We still wanted our camp to still have those awesome elements. Fun in a positive social environment with others like you is a huge memory that can ground a young person.

But we knew how important it was to take things a step further and raise the actual wellness young girls in our community.

This camp has been planned for more than a year for a reason. 

We wanted to get it right. We wanted it to make an impact.

That’s why our camp’s speakers are not just role models for our girls, but they are professionally trained to help the young women in our community achieve a version of themselves they can be happy and proud of.

Register your daughters and share the word about this important camp so we can make a positive, practical difference to our future.

To register yourself or someone you know for this unique camp, click here.