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Dr Umar Scheduled to Visit New Zealand

It’s our pleasure to announce the coming of an incredible scholar gracing the shores of NZ.
We have been working behind the scenes with our friends from Seekershub Auckland to help bring Dr Umar Abdullah, one of the giants of intellectual and spiritual islam in the west to visit our end of the world here in NZ.
Details from Seekershub Auckland have been shared with us below:
As-salām Álaikum, brothers, sisters, friends —
Confirmation of the arrival of Dr Umar Abd-Allah in 6 weeks — 22-26 November
We are honoured to confirm the news that Dr Umar is now confirmed and his program is below.
In case you may not have heard of Dr Umar, his guidance and presence is sought after by scholars, students and communities all around the world:
1) Lifelong senior scholar: Dr Umar studied Islam from 1970 until 2000, over thirty years. By 1984 he was appointed to the Department of Islamic Studies at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, where he taught Islamic studies and comparative religions for 16 years (in the Arabic language). That was 17 years ago. He has since dedicated himself to all nations across the earth, to whom he’s been regularly travelling. He holds a deep connection with communities and is greatly concerned about the strength of Muslim communities globally.
2) Accomplished academic, fully rooted in tradition: Dr Umar received his doctorate with honours in 1978 for a dissertation on the origins of Islamic Law. But he also — during his 30 years of travel — studied with the foremost traditional Islamic scholars of the age. His deep Islamic scholarship and knowledge of civilisations, also encompasses academic scholarship. He is a most senior and sought-after guide at nearly 70 years of age, and is known as amongst the most senior of Shuyukh alive, and one of the most important.
“One cannot put into words the greatness of his presence that is immediately apparent when one meets him.”
All events are open to all.
Wednesday 22 November Arrival. Briefing on the Muslim Community: Who are Aotearoa Muslims?
Thursday 23 November Retreat Day 1 (Waikato region) “Living Islam in Aotearoa-New Zealand”
Friday 24 November Retreat Day 2 (100 Registration spaces for retreat, opening soon.)
Saturday 25 November Return Auckland: Community event: Avondale Islamic Centre (evening)
Sunday 26 November Morning & evening events @ Auckland Uni: Topics: Islam-Culture-Spirituality
Note: these are all confirmed dates. Please note your calendars! (The detailed program with final topic details will be released soon.)
This is a unique opportunity to meet a scholar qualified to teach about Living Islam in the West. Attendance at all events are strongly recommended — especially given the number of youth and identity issues our communities are facing.
– Retreat: modest cost will cover the accommodation and food for 2 days & 2 nights. Financial assistance available.
– Leave-request support letter available for those needing to apply for leave to attend retreat (general letter attached). Children welcome at retreat.
Was salam
SeekersHub Auckland | [email protected]