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The aim of this project is to create a network specific to young Muslimahs in Christchurch. We aim to encourage Muslim girls to participate in educational, social and physical activities which will allow them to connect to each other and the community, while developing a strong Islamic identity.

This project will focus on three aspects; Educational, Social and Physical.


Through this project we aim to have ongoing educational classes specific for Muslim girls. The topics will include issues surrounding women’s health, rights and responsibilities etc. This is important as creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere will allow girls to ask questions and discuss issues they otherwise might not be comfortable with in another setting.


The social aspect of this project will include a girls day, outings , crafty sessions ( Calligraphy , painting etc..). Social participation is an important element of a person’s well being and it will help the girls increase their sense of belonging ,allows them to develop a stronger Islamic identity and provides them with vital social skills. Fostering social interaction will allow the girls to feel comfortable around each other and therefore will be more willing to get involved in other projects and activities.

Health and wellbeing

Through this project we aim to provide young Muslimahs with various activities which will enhance their physical health and wellbeing. Keeping our body fit and healthy is a duty of every Muslim as we have been entrusted with it by Allah (Swt). Activities we will hold will include cooking classes, incorporating foods that were recommended to us by the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) as well as walks, hikes and Swimming classes. By having an Islamically friendly environment, Muslim girls will be comfortable and more keen to participate in the activities.


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