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About Us

The Muslim community exists in a critical point in time.

A time when our priority should be to leave strong legacies, institutions and a safer world behind for our children and grandchildren.

Who Are We

The Nawawi Center is a non-profit organization that builds positive relationships amongst Muslims and New Zealand’s other diverse communities.

Based mainly in Christchurch, New Zealand, it consists of a team of professional volunteers trained in project and event management, and committed to learning and spreading Islam’s timeless, peaceful and universal teachings.

The Nawawi Center’s resources and our event management team are at the service of all other organizations who support its primary goals.

What Does Nawawi Mean?

The Nawawi Center is named after one of the greatest scholars of Islam, Imam Muhiyyuddin bin Sharaf Al-Nawawi. Known as Imam Nawawi, he returned to his Lord at a relatively early age (in 1277AD), but his piercing intellect and deep knowledge nevertheless left behind great works that have been accepted unanimously by the Muslims and their scholars for centuries. A lover of knowledge with an aversion to this world, his legacy is not only an inspiration for knowledge but of balance, tolerance and spirituality in today’s world of extremes.

Our goals

Create spaces for a relevant community

Our team is focussed on large-scale events that bring people together and put the Muslim community on the map within our community, and with other communities and agencies.

Develop a strong media presence

There is a need to have local, active Muslim representation of Christchurch and the wider NZ in media and towards the public. To clarify misconceptions and counter negative narratives, our media outreach team handles press releases, cultural training workshops and more.

Build a strong Islamic Identity

An advocate of peaceful, traditional, mainstream Islam, our Academic unit facilitates educational programs and workshops with respected, classically trained Islamic scholars. We aim to give attendees an authentic, balanced understanding of what Islam truly is, despite what modernists and extremists may present. A stronger, vibrant community with a firm identity is a safer community for us all.

Interested in helping us out?

Join the team